Do you create custom or commissioned products?

Yes!  Please email questions@alwaysfindsparetime.com to discuss what you are interested in having created.  See more information under Policies.


How do I care for my felted scarf?

Felted fabric may be hand washed in cool water with gentle soap, rinse thoroughly with cool water, gently squeeze (don't ring aggressively), roll in a towel to take out more moisture. Lay flat to dry, reshape as necessary. Press on the wool/silk steam setting, use a pressing cloth if desired.  Refer to any specific instructions for the item you purchased.
Do Not Use a washing machine or dryer as this will cause additional shrinkage or change to shape.


How is wool felt fabric made?

Wet felting is the process of using water, soap, and agitation to entangle and bond wool fibers permanently together into a solid felt material.
Nuno felt: The word "nuno" is Japanese for cloth and refers to entangling wool fibers and a cloth material together through the wet-felting process. Natural and open-weave materials work best for nuno felting.