My first wall hanging inspired by my dad calling mom Friday from work, "pack up the kids, let's go to the ocean".

Let's Go To The Coast! - NFS

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When you begin to see the ocean below as the road winds towards the Oregon coast it leaves an impression.  Looking down to the beach and out to the sunset is how I created this wall hanging.

Layers of art batts that include sparkly fiber and MC-1 wool are first needle felted onto a thick prefelt batt. Next I wet felt gain a consistent felt fiber then finish with more detailed needle felting.   Yes, this is a long but beloved process with many starts and stops of what else should be added.

Approximately 40" high x 23" wide.

The back is covered in a pre-made felt then a hanging structure is added. Thin wood slats and industrial Velcro that is hand stitched for strength is finished with single crocheted jute to hang on the wall.

This was my first large size wall piece, I learned a great deal in the process. It hangs on a wall that has a window to the side, in the early morning the light reflects off the ocean is a welcome sight every day!

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